25th May 2016

Spit Braai Buffet

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Spit Braai Buffet

  • Marinated mature Rump of Beef
    and slow wood-smoked legs of Pork
    • Done on our unique electric carvery unit (Spit)
    • No gas or charcoal, FULLY ELECTRIC
  • Meat served with mustard & apple Sauce
  • Baby Potatoes and Braised Baby Onions
    both cooked & served hot from unit
  • A choice of 2 Vegetable sides
    A choice of 2 Salad sides
    A choice of 4 Salad sides
  • Bakers basket with butter
  • A choice of 2 Sweet temptations
    served to guests tables

Select from these dishes for your spit braai buffet.

Spit Braai