9th April 2015

Cocktail Menu


Cocktail Menu 1

Served warm by waiters
  • Thai Satay Chicken spikes
    topped with a lightly spiced peanut
    & coconut infused sauce
  • Chipolata sausages
    served with a German senf (mustard)
  • Thin pastry Savory Quiche
    Camembert & Onion Chutney and Butternut & sage
Served Cold by waiters
  • Mozzarella & Rosa tomato Kebabs
    dabbed with a basil pesto
  • Phyllo Pastry Baskets
    Salmon mousse, Creamy Chicken Liver
  • Bacon wrapped Smoked Oyster
    served on a crostini rubbed
    with lemon crème fraiche
  • Tzatziki shot glasses
    with an assortment of seasonal
    vegetable dipping sticks

Cocktail Menu 2

Served warm by waiters
  • Vol au Vents
    dainty pastry cases with a creamy mushroom melange
  • Tandoori Chicken skewers
    with an aromatic blend of Spices
  • Fish Cake Lollipops
    served with a mane of lemon mayonnaise
  • Shish Kofte spikes
    with a cumin infused yoghurt dipping sauce
Served Cold by waiters
  • Hummus shot glasses
    with an assortment of seasonal
    vegetable dipping sticks
  • Espresso cups of Avocado Soup
    served with fried tortilla wedge
  • Assorted open Canapé
    with various tasty toppings Rye,
    whole wheat & French breads used

Cocktail Menu 3

Served warm by waiters
  • Fish Tagine served in petit pots
    gently prepared with a blend of
    North African spices in our tagines
    served on couscous
  • Spanakopita
    spinach & feta filled phyllo pockets
    with a fine cut tzaziki dipping sauce
  • Dim sum roll shot glasses
    vegetable filled spring rolls
    with a sweet chilli & soya sauce dipping
  • Skewered Fillet
    carefully threaded with sweet red onions
    & pepper,
    with a pinotage jus coating
Served Cold by waiters
  • Antipasto Stack
    grilled aubergine, mozzarella slice tomato & salami
    served on ciabatta slices, dotted with an olive tapenade 
  • Parma Ham Nibbles
    enclosing pear, rocket, shaved parmesan
    drizzled with a balsamic reduction
  • Assorted Sushi platter
    accompanied by Ginger, Wasabi & Soya sauce

Cocktail Menu 4

Served warm by waiters
  • Rump & Apricot kebabs
    in a slightly sweet marinade
  • Lasagna porcelain Pots
    with lashings of béchamel sauce
    served with cake forks
  • Individual espresso cups of Spicy Butternut Soup
    topped with orange infused yoghurt
  • Lime and chilli marinated Prawn Spikes
    sprinkled with chopped fresh coriander
Served Cold by waiters
  • Salmon Blinis
    mini crumpet stacks with
    smoked salmon & crème fraiche
  • Chicken Roulade
    filled with feta cheese, gently flavoured with dill
    drizzled with sauce Napolitano
  • Camembert Rounds
    on french bread with a dollop of fig preserve
Cchicken Skewers
Shrimp Cocktail (catering)
Saussage and egg bite
Tzatziki shot glasses
Fish Cake Lollipops